Daily Create #30: The Sky

Prompt: Describe the Sky in a single sentence, without using any colors!

This finals week, the sky is a vast space where everyone’s dreams are all slowly going to die.


Daily Create #29: How to Become a Superhero.

This is how you become a superhero in 5 Steps.  Trust me it’s fool proof!

1. Get a cape- It’s a must have.

2. Decide on a name- Can’t have people callin ya out in public, you’ll never get anywhere signing autographs everywhere.

3. Harness your power- Whether it’s eating hot dogs, or telling when it’s fixin to start raining. OWN IT!

4. Pick an Enemy- Whether it’s a person, like your ex, or something like homework. Everyone’s got one.

5. BE AWESOME- Nuff said.


Daily Create #28: You’re in for a Ride

Little Jessica is going to defy the odds.

She will eventually leave this hospital, and miraculously grow up healthy, given her circumstances.

She will be small, but she will never give up.

There are going to be a lot of obstacles placed in her path, watch her soar over them.

Don’t give up on her, and don’t ignore her.

She’s going to travel a lot, and join many teams.

She’s going to hate when you settle down in a place longer than 3 years, hear her out.

She’s going to make a change in high school, support it.

She’s going to excel in this new sport, don’t miss it.

Scholarships will be offered, and she will come close to signing a NLI.

But a week before that happens, her career will end with an injury.

Hold her.

She will try to find new ways to fill the void.

Be kind.

She will rekindle an old passion, live it.

She will experience such an intense loss, be there.

She’s strong, but still human.

She will continue defying the odds.

You’re in for a Ride, hold on.

Daily Create #27: I Discovered Today…

I discovered today that we have a library on campus.  That in this library, there are several stories.  That there are endless hallways that create an intricate maze to several different rooms.  There are study rooms.  There are computer labs.  There are so many secret wonders in this secret building that I discovered today.

Daily Create #26: What Matters Least?

Prompt: Create a story where what matters least to you is important to everyone else.

I don’t even have to make up some fake story for this prompt, because what matters least to me, is of vital importance to everyone else around campus.  What matters least to me is other’s opinions about me.  We’re in college, by now most of us have established who we are as a person, our personal style, our lifestyle choices, our friends, our extra curricular activities.  With everything about ourselves already established, why does it matter what that person over there thinks about you.  Most of the time they’re just over there judging you because you’re different from them.  News flash, we are ALL different.  Even my best friend and I have our differences, but we don’t seek acceptance from anyone else because we know that we have all the people and everything we need in our lives to live on and be happy with ourselves. It’s an on going struggle if you are constantly trying to win over the approval of everyone else.  Live your life for you, and be happy.

Daily Create #24: What made Tim scream?

This image represents a pivotal moment in an action story. Write the plot that led up to the point of this scene- how did it come to be? What is making Tim scream in agony?


It was May 3, 2015.  Tim had just finished writing an 8 page Final paper for his wildlife management class, and began to start into his 15 page paper for Plant ID.  He had been sitting at his desk for 6 hours straight, and finally decided to answer the million calls for food his poor stomach kept making.  It was late, and he knew he was pushing time, when he picked up his phone and dialed the number to Pizza Hut.  He began to sweat as the phone rang, crossing his fingers that he was able to call in time to place an order.  A voice picks up the phone, Tim is relieved.  He proceeds to place his pizza order, and then is stopped by the world’s most dreaded statement, “I’m sorry, we are out of pepperoni.”